• Why Acorn?

    Why Acorn?

    Acorn caregivers are home care professionals who have committed themselves to the caring of elderly people and those suffering with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. We are fully insured with bonding and liability insurance for greater peace of mind.

    Learn about our unique caregiver selection process.

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  • Acorn on ABC News

    Acorn on ABC News

    When ABC News did a segment on caring for seniors, they interviewed Acorn owner, Lorenzo Mejia.

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  • Our Services

    Our Services

    At Acorn, we offer customized care programs that are as unique as your loved one. Our goal is to provide exceptional personal and companion care to your family member that surpasses industry standards. We will spend time together discussing your needs. We will schedule a no-obligation visit with you at the home to further assess the situation.

    Learn more about the detailed services that our caregivers provide for your loved ones.

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  • Caregiver Selection Process

    Caregiver Selection Process

    We put caregivers though a rigorous, multi-step interview process and competency assessment to give you peace of mind as you make arrangements for yourself or a loved one. Our process is so stringent that we select fewer than 10% of the individuals who apply.

    Learn more about our assessment process.

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  • Quality Service Award

    Quality Service Award

    Acorn is the only home care agency ever to receive a Quality Service Award from the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

    The commissioners recognized us for our work providing personalized music therapy to dementia clients. Acorn is a pioneer in the use of personalized music in the home care environment.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Acorn Home Care Services is to provide compassionate, non-medical care to seniors, those recovering from surgery, new and expectant mothers and other loved ones. Options include 24-hour live-in care, weekly, weekend or hourly care. We can arrange for services to individuals residing in assisted-living facilities and nursing homes. We serve Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, Pittsboro and surrounding areas in Orange, Chatham, Durham and Wake counties.

We are fully insured with bonding and liability insurance to give you greater peace of mind. We operate as a registry and refer highly qualified caregivers who are self-employed. Our caregivers are carefully screened through a meticulous, multi-step process. Unlike caregivers at other agencies who may simply work as hourly employees, Acorn caregivers are committed to the home care profession and are passionate about helping others.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation visit at your home to see if Acorn is the right fit for you or your loved ones.

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